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Hospitality Law Team

Hospitality Law Practice

We work with a number of businesses of all sizes in the hospitality industry. Our hotel clients include hotel operators nationwide, who are often managing multiple hotels under different brands. We also represent single-hotel operators. For these clients, we often perform the work of “outside general counsel” — a “go to advisor” for all of their legal needs, including:

We perform similar work for our restaurant clients, which include owners, developers, franchisors, and franchisees of all sizes. We have worked recently in development projects for multi-unit developers of national chain restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, Corner Bakery Café and MOOYAH Burgers, as well as privately owned single unit restaurants. For these clients, we are often frequently retained as outside general counsel. As with our hotel clients, our representation frequently includes:

  • advice related to buying, selling, and leasing commercial real estate;
  • advising on and providing due diligence for acquisition and sales; negotiating franchise agreements with franchisors;
  • expanding restaurant concepts through franchising;
  • advising on expansion of existing franchises internationally;
  • reviewing and negotiating vendor and other contracts;
  • advising on corporate structuring including internal governance;
  • filing for trademark protection; and litigating disputes.

For our clients, having one firm to turn to for all of these varied needs is invaluable. Our firm’s devotion and accessibility is unparalleled through every step of your transaction, from the concept stage, to leasing, business development, operating agreements and expansion plans.

If you are currently searching for a hospitality lawyer, contact us today to see how Einbinder & Dunn can help you with your legal needs.

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