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We are, at our core, a business law firm. That concept includes franchising and related matters, as discussed in our website, but we have a wealth of experience advising business owners on all legal aspects of forming, developing, operating, and sustaining a successful business.

Our business attorneys have decades of experience. We are capable of handling sophisticated, multi-million dollar transactions or taking the steps needed to launch a start-up from scratch.

To do this well, we have become fluent in a wide variety of industries where our clients operate. We understand business dynamics and trends, how your business works, and what your competitors are doing.

As the owner of a small, medium or large business, you need a business attorney or corporate lawyer for a number of reasons:

(i) Business Formation and Structure — You must first create the legal framework upon which your business can be built. This includes the formation of limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships and the agreements that support them. The original partners or members of a business must have a clear understanding of what their common understanding is, including management and revenue sharing. When the time comes to bring in new partners or members, either by promoting from within or attracting investors, you must have agreements that clearly delineate your rights and obligations. Our attorneys have extensive experience drafting and negotiating corporate and business agreements and contracts for entities of every kind, including client structuring and reorganization for limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships and joint ventures.

(ii) Business Transactions — Your business may attract the interest of a potential acquiring party, or you may decide to grow by purchasing another business. You may hire new employees who possess or will become aware of trade secrets. Or you may need to borrow money or bring in investors. Our commercial business attorneys create, negotiate and structure the agreements that enable these and other transactions, encompassing acquisitions, financing, purchases, sales and the dissolution of businesses, as well as mergers, investment and development agreements. It is impossible in the confines of this small space to summarize the myriad forms of agreements these transactions can take. Every industry, every business, is unique. But we have broad experience that can only be obtained over many years that enables us to handle the specifics of your business development or transaction in a way that cannot be duplicated by anyone else in terms of knowledge, ability and our own brand of personal counseling.

(iii) Operations/Management Issues — Our clients call us all the time. Sometimes with a big deal or a complicated agreement, but other times just to talk over issues concerning the management of their business. We know their business and we are always ready to help. Day to day operations can create issues concerning employment, distribution, supply and licensing agreements, as well as all forms of contracts necessary for the operation of an ongoing concern in any industry. Or maybe you just need someone you trust to help you through a sticky business decision. We can do that, we know your business and we know you.

Most large corporations have an “in-house counsel,” a lawyer that the executives regularly turn to for advice and legal expertise. Regardless of whether you run a small, medium or large business, an in-house counsel may not be in your budget. Having Einbinder & Dunn as your business attorneys is the next best thing. Call today to learn more about how our legal services can be tailored to fit your needs.

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