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Line-X Faces Mass Exodus as Franchisees Refuse New Agreement Terms

US-based franchise magazine, Franchise Times, recently published an article about how LINE-X, a leading provider of spray-on bedliners and protective coatings, is experiencing a significant exodus of franchisees due to disagreements over new agreement terms. Michael Einbinder is quoted in the article as the representative of the Independent Association of Line-X Franchises. He says: “I

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Franchise Agreement Termination issues in the United States

Elite Franchise, a global magazine covering franchise issues recently published an article by Michael Einbinder discussing franchise termination issues in the US.  Throughout the article, Michael helps readers navigate the many commercial agreements in place when wanting to terminate a franchise agreement, including default and termination clauses. As well as this, he highlights the many

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Building a Culture People Want

In this video, the fifth in a series aired by the Rawls Group, Michael Einbinder discusses how to create a culture that retains key employees. Watch the entire series on the Rawls YouTube Channel For more insight into current issues in franchising, see the following: Multi-Unit Franchising Succeeding Despite Economic Uncertainties Retail Spaces Your Introduction

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GasPedal or Break: Determining Your Best Business Strategy

Many of our multi-unit franchisee clients are concerned about the struggling economy. In this video, the second in a series aired by the Rawls Group, Michael Einbinder discusses trends in the industry, including the risks we see multi-unit franchisees taking and the worries holding them back. Watch the entire series on the Rawls YouTube Channel.

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Your Introduction to Becoming a Franchisee or Franchisor

Michael Einbinder spoke to IR Digital’s podcast host Jennifer Riggins to discuss franchises and how they operate in practice, as well as exploring the differences between franchisees and franchisors, navigating the risks business owners can face and weighing up the pros and cons of operating a franchise model. To listen to the podcast in full,

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