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Helping Restaurants Survive

Helping Restaurants Survive


        As we’ve written previously, many of our clients are restaurant operators, some franchise and some independent. We have helped them develop models, structure their businesses, lease their space, resolve or, when necessary, represent them in their disputes.


        In the past few months, our function has shifted to helping them survive. What can a restaurant do to survive? On the business side we have been carefully tracking political and administrative actions intended to help. From a legal perspective we have been renegotiating lease terms and restructuring both contracts with vendors and internal agreements amongst owners to try to create terms that a restaurant can meet with the revenue generated by outside seating and 25% seating inside.


        It has required enormous dedication on the part of the area’s restaurant owners to stick through this crisis, but so many of them have. This business is for many a labor of love. We love to help. This area, this City, will not be the same without its network of restaurants. We should all try to help.


        See below for a link to Emerging News, one of many publications offering valuable advice on how to weather the storm.

Emerging News – What Factors are Influencing Restaurant Guests to Return?

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