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Keeping Track of Franchising

With rapidly evolving legal principles and an even more rapidly developing business landscape, keeping up with what is going on in the world of franchising is difficult.

I find LinkedIn helpful, particularly the function that gives you the three most read stories for the week, based upon what has been published within certain groups relating to franchising.

As a member of the franchise owner/franchisee group,  franchise attorney group, franchisor group and the metro franchise group, I was led to Franchise-Info, which presents the three most read stories on franchising. These pieces had to do with sharing content across social media, tips for franchise attorneys to avoid scams and the art of crisis avoidance.

I found Francis Leary’s item on how to use social media to be the most useful, as that is a constant source of bewilderment for me. Especially as an attorney, with concerns about the confidentiality of information and the use people might make of my “opinions,” using social media is a minefield. I have actually found Francis Leary’s writings to be useful in the past.

More on that to follow.


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